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Fire Door Manager
Fire Risk Assessor
January 2019-September 2022
Bernicia Housing
With in excess of 19000 fire doors to manage across their property portfolio Bernicia faced significant challenges in implementing a robust compliance and refurbishment strategy across their business model. They opted for Fire Door Manager as their preferred solution since it came out top of the reviewed software for functionality cost and value across their various internal workstreams. With it's multi work stream functionality and real-time risk and financial management it enabled them to keep a tight control of contractors, budgets, risk and compliance.

Storm Tempest
An established property management consultancy in the NE, Storm Tempest offer fire risk assessment and compliance management services for many large housing sector clients in the UK. They chose our software because of it's ability to link with their client work streams, for its ability to manage contractors and operational staff to deliver a  closed loop service for their clients.

Castles & Coasts Housing Association
This medium sized Housing sector organisation chose our software solutions because it provided better management of their compliance activities across their wide spread property portfolio. From the outset they were able to significantly improve their risk management, better manage their compliance and regulatory demands and plan their budgets, remediation work and contractor performance, all from one central location.
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